The Freedom Cinema Festival was the best thing about Park City during the Sundance Film Festival this year. If there was a prize for "Best Vibe" they would surely have won. There was a consciousness in all the organizers choices that did not pervade the larger festival down the street. This is a festival that doesn't just choose excellent films that delve into important issues, it actually DOES something about them. - Mark Achbar, Director, "The Corporation" "Manufacturing Consent"


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About FCF

Freedom Cinema Festival is a non-profit organization that exists to provide venues for artists, activists, media makers and entertainment industry professionals to exhibit, discuss, teach and address social and political consciousness in cinema, media and the arts. The Park City festival is the flagship event in a traveling series of year round programs celebrating arts and media that matter.

In a world where the very meaning of the word freedom is threatened, when freedom is called dangerous and disposable by those in power, FCF is devoted to film, video, digital and graphic art projects that examine, promote, embrace or embody cultural, economic, artistic, personal or political freedom.

Future Plans for the Festival include annual visits to Sundance, and a repeat of the program in San Francisco.


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